Infant Mortality

What is infant mortality?

Infant mortality is the death of a child less than one year of age. It is measured as infant mortality rate (IMR), which is the number of deathsbaby and mom of children under one year of age per 1000 live births.

Why is infant mortality important to us?

In Ohio, our overall IMR is 7.2 per 1,000 live births and  our African American IMR is 14.6 per 1,000 live births which is one of the worst in the country.

For more information and statistics, please see the US Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health Statistics Page here.

What is being done to fix this issue?

Summit County Better Birth Outcomes (SBBO) is a community wide partnership focused on improving Summit County’s infant mortality rate. Research shows that Akron suffers from a higher infant mortality than any other municipality in the county. Research has also shown that two particular zip codes in West Akron exhibit the highest rates of infant mortality. These zip codes are 44320 and 44307.

Download “A Look into West Akron” fact sheet

How can I become involved?

Along with several community organizations, the Summit County Office of Minority Health is working on several upstream and downstream strategies to engage residents in solving the infant mortality issue.

One of several initiatives to engage residents in the conversation is  the West Akron Dialogue Circles: Racism and Infant Mortality through the the Everyday Democracy Project. These dialogues circles are designed to be safe place of community discussion. If you are interested in participating in the dialogues, please register here.

If you would like to learn more about the dialogue circles, download the “West Akron Dialogue Circles: Racism and Infant Mortality” fact sheet.

To learn more about the Everyday Democracy Project and the dialogue model, download the “Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation”

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